Daycare : Where Dogs Come to Play and Learn

Canine Solutions specialised dog daycare ‘K9 Campus’ is where dog’s come to play and learn.

Our Canine Complex – Doggy Daycare is located at 63 Port Road, Seaview, Lower Hutt, Wellington (big orange building).

Our dog daycare caters for all breeds and ages. We specialise in integrating aggressive dogs back into a pack environment and giving nervous dogs confidence being around other dogs and people. Our dog handlers are trained by Jo Goddard, Canine Solutions Principal Trainer.

We take a genuine interest in your dogs health and well-being and we provide premiere care for your dog while it is in our care.

If you want more than just a play date for your dog while at our Dog Daycare, we offer a ‘Play & Train‘, ‘Play & Walk‘ or a ‘Play, Train, & Walk for a small additional cost.


K9 Taxi Service:

Our taxi service picks up is between 6.00am – 9.30am and drops off between 2.00pm – 5.30pm.

Bookings for our K9 taxi service must be received by 1pm the day before to ensure smooth running of our daycare.

We have installed individual custom made crates to make travel the safest experience possible. For dogs living outside our regular pick up areas, we may charge an additional travel fee and influence the day of pick up. This is to ensure the smooth running of K9 Campus. We will let you know if this applies to you.

Hours & Customer Pick Up / Drop Off Times:

Monday to Friday – 7am to 6pm. Please ensure drop off is before 10am and pick up is before 6pm.

Saturdays and Sundays – 10am to 11am & 4pm to 5pm. Please ensure drop off is before 10am and pick up is before 5pm. (K9 taxi service does NOT operate weekends).



At Daycare your dog can meet and play with other dog friends while being under experienced supervision.

K9 Taxi services unavailable for this option.

At Daycare your dog can meet and play with other dog friends while being under experienced supervision.

If you don’t have time to train your dog, we can do it for you.

While at Daycare we offer a ‘play & train’ option which is where your dog is trained individually for 10 minutes on all the basics to teach your dog to be well behaved on and off the lead. This is a great added service for people who work all day and don’t have time to train their dog.

Canine Solutions specialises in integrating aggressive or nervous dogs back into the pack environment. Jo has a natural talent with dogs and great empathy with people, so with this combination she works well at finding harmony within the pack, giving both dog and owner more confidence. We highly recommend for the best result, that your dog attends daycare twice a week on a play & train option. We would also recommend a home visit to ensure harmony at home and for Jo to give you techniques to help you on the walks and at home. This has been highly successful and extremely rewarding.

We also recommend the parents to touch base with us every few months, to keep up with their dogs training progress and to learn how to carry the training on at home to ensure consistency and to ensure a calm, happy dog at home. The cost of these parent/teacher sessions range between $80 to $120.

This option is the same as Play & Train but also includes a fun dog walk.

The same as Play but at a cheaper visit price (and 10 times the fun).

The same as Play & Train but at a cheaper visit price (and 10 times the fun).


Campus Wash & Dry:

We like our dogs leaving K9 Campus looking good and feeling good, so finish the day at K9 Campus with a wash & dry.

This service is ONLY available for our Daycare and Hotel dogs.

Wash’n’Dry $35+
Nail Trim $10
Worming $5.00 per 10kg
Flea Treatment $15+

Cancellations MUST be received 24 hours before the day of service otherwise a $25 cancellation fee will be incurred.

– Payment is required on the day your dog attends. This can be arranged by cash, eftpos (including credit card) or internet banking.
– Concessions must be paid up front and we will notify you when you are nearing the end of your concession. Terms and conditions apply on all concessions including no refunds. 

– A copy of your dogs vaccination certificate, vet details and an emergency contact is required upon first registration.
– Entire male dogs need to be assessed before acceptance at our daycare.
– Viewings are by appointment only.