Pack Hierarchy!

First of all, we need to understand that dogs are pack animals and there MUST be a pack leader for survival of the species.

Our training methods and techniques are based on what we have observed and witnessed through our own pack of up to 65 dogs. Within that pack their is a hierarchy and there are certain jobs and responsibilities the top order undertake to protect the pack.

By tapping into our dogs natural way of thinking and emulating these jobs and responsibilities we can make all the difference to our dog’s life. Through this they will be calmer and happier and this in turn makes us more calmer and happier.

Our pack order:

Pack leader – Her job is to direct and control the pack. She also assesses any potential threat to the pack!

Second ranking dog – The Guarder – His job is to alert the leader of any potential threat or risk to the pack!

Third ranking – Caregiver – Her job is to nurture the lower ranking dogs, by caring and disciplining!

Lower ranking dog – Just likes to hang out and be a dog! Oh he loves to says his prayers too!

She is the baby of the pack and enjoys hanging out and playing with the rest of the pack!

How to become pack leader.

Here are some basic tips to get you started:

– When your dog is in an excited state – ignore it. Discourage any jumping using consequence i.e sharp noise or water spray (not with voice).
– The best time to acknowledge your dog is when it is lying down, relaxed.
– Set some rules in the house – give your dog crate time or time out in a room – have your dog on a lead attached to you.
– Be the ruler of food – eat before your dog or handle the food – don’t allow your dog to graze.
– Interact with your dog regularly – teach it basic commands and tricks.
– Insist your dog walks beside you calmly on a lead – use an appropriate training collar or harness to help you with this i.e Canny Collar or Easy Walk harness.
– Don’t allow your dog to greet visitors at the door, that’s your job, not your dogs job.

More help!

If you need more help please call us – we are the experts in all things dog!!. If you live in other areas of New Zealand or internationally we can still help you – we now have skype and telephone consultations available.

Good luck with becoming the leader of your pack!